Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On December 1, 2011 The Paris, TN Quilt Guild had our final meeting for the year.  It was a fun meeting because after we got our "old and new business" out of the way we had our favorite show and tell time where members shared our latest finished and work in progress projects.  It is always fun to see what other quilters do   during the month. I think we all work hard to have at least one item to show,,,,unless you are Flora Hunt who always "wow's" us with all the beautiful quilts she gets done during the month.  Flora can take fabric that looks like it has no potential at all an make the most beautiful quilts. It is always so great to see what she has done.
Flora showing this quilt  that has bowling pins. Someone
gave her this fabric, and then someone else gave her the border fabric
and she put this quilt together and see how wonderfully the colors match.
We had a lot of busy quilter last month because we was able to look at some beautiful finished pieces. Some of us showed some items that was not quilts, but we loved looking at them just the same.  We are so proud of all our talented quilters. 

All of these quilts were so amazing to look at. I hope that 
you enjoyed the show-n-tell.

Then the great white elephant auction. We had some wonderful items donated that were auctioned off within the guild and the money will be donated to special charities. The auction was a great hit and we want to thank Helen for being the "auctioneer extraordinaire".  

Here you can see some of the items donated for
the white elephant auction

 We also had a great "dish to pass", "potluck" lunch and as we all know we also have some of the best cooks in Paris, TN. We ate and ate. 
I am so looking forward to our next meeting which will be January 5, 2012. We will be starting  the New Year with new officers.
President Kathy Doane, Vice President Carole Walker, Secretary Kim Albin, Treasurer Barbara Scott and Jean Liddle
Sunshine Doreen Bryant and Wilma Underwood, Devotion Mary Lacey, Community Service Kay Richardson, Pauline Morgan, Kim Albin, Sandy Mealer
Quilt Committee Linda Anderson, Judith Putnam, Barbara Scott, Marion Graves 
Door Prize Kathy Doane
Quilt Guild Manual Jean Liddle
It was a great experience being the guild president for 2 years and I look forward to this next year.....Doreen Bryant.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Day With Sally Terry

Thursday, October 27, 2011 the Paris TN Quilt Guild had a wonderful time with No. 1 Quilting Author, Sally Terry, She is the author of many books such as, Pathways to Better Quilting and Hooked on Feathers.

The day was filled with so much information and "AHA" moments.  We learned that "if it looks pretty you don't have to rip it out".  Sally is a delightful teacher and we look forward to another class with her soon.

 I wanted to make sure I got her bio correct so I copied this from her blog.

 Sally Terry’s quilting path began at the age of three. Through her teen years she made all her own clothing and tailored her own suits and coats, with bound buttonholes, sewn on Grandma's Featherweight. Sally began professional longarm machine quilting in 1999. With her art and graphic background and heart of a teacher, she “cannot get her ideas out there fast enough.”

"I feel I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. Creating several business from scratch has given me valuable knowledge of marketing and business strategies which apply directly to  professional machine quilters. A lifetime of experiences in marketing, advertising and sales gives a fresh insight to machine quilters in today's competitive environment."
Her joyful enthusiasm for sharing, results in full day workshops for longarm, midarm and shortarm machine quilters, in her studio, in Paducah. She also is a member of the Instructor Program for Janome-America Sewing Machines. Her teaching career includes MQX, MQS, HMQS, Innovations, Vermont Quilt Festival, quilt markets plus attends major shows and markets nationwide.

Most students feel she has a relaxed way of teaching machine quilting which encourages confidence and a joy of learning. Sally approaches the information in her classes from the student’s point-of-view with in-depth knowledge that is creative and inspirational.

Sally specializes in running different threads, and free-motion quilting with a true touch of creativity. Many of her concepts have become common practice for beginning machine quilters. She feels that you do not have to copy her exactly to be productive and truly successful without unstitching.

Here are some of the testimonials submitted by some of the members of our guild that attended the class.

Kathy... "I had fun Thursday!  Every time I meet with Sally, I come away with new knowledge, and more confidence in my quilting.    Her easy style of teaching helps  you when you're  learning something new, and the best part, perfection is not required.  I've learned to be happy with my style of quilting.  I'm looking forward to having another class with her.  A genuine fun person who makes it easy to learn"

.Sandy....  I really enjoyed the class.  I learned that I need to practice A LOT before I actually use her method on a quilt.   Sandy

Pat M.....
Enjoyed learning new techniques, including how to set the feeddogs, thread hints, and it is OK to be inconsistent!

Sally imparted  a lot of new and useful information, and took the “fear out of feathers”, making them in the realm of possibility with practice.  I am glad I took the class.  Gayle
Shelly....I really enjoyed our class with Sally Terry, she was a delight and the day long class went by so fast.  I really feel like I can improve my quilting using her method. Her basic 5 shapes open up so many possibilities for the quilter.  I would recommend her class to anyone who needs help with their quilting and would love to attend another of her classes.

Sally was an excellent teacher.   She made the class fun and
interesting.  I found it very enlightening.   Barb Scott

I found her class to be fun, and as I tried what she was teaching, It got easier to do, she knows her stuff and is very interesting for sure.  I would take another class in a heartbeat! 
Kim Albin

The day spent with Sally Terry and her numereous lessons on the Terry Twist, templates, McTwist (her version of the MacTavish Twist) how to draw patterns to fit any quilting area was worth much more than we paid!!!  This is my second class with her and I picked up even more information this time.  I will sign up for another one of her classes...there is always something to learn because she gives soooo much information that it is hard to retain it all.  Her books are wonderful and such an excellent reference when you are looking at that quilt trying to determine what quilting pattern(s) to use.  In a nut shell:  Sally Terry has opened up a hugh door for me in machine quilting.  It has given me so much freedom .... one does not have to be perfect...Yeah!!.......Helen

Friday, August 12, 2011

August Meeting

These are the pictures taken at our last meeting.  It was a very informative meeting, we are getting ready for the Arts Around the Square that will be held in downtown Paris, TN.
Our guild usually has a spot there where one lucky person will win this beautiful quilt. We are selling chances to win.
If you live in Paris or are planning on visiting the last full weekend in September, you might want to come to downtown and get a ticket. They are $1 or 6 for $5.
Sandy won the door prize, which was some very beautiful fat quarters, we quilters love to get fabric.  And winning it in a door prize makes it even more exciting for us.
Here are the fabrics she won.
Everyone had some very nice items to show and tell.  We love to show what we made.