Friday, December 26, 2014

The first Thursday of every month is a very special day for a group of very special women.  These women come together every month to make quilts for charity, to share quilts they have made, to share quilty techniques, trade fabrics. As the vice-president of this group I must say it has been a wonderful journey for me. Being around so many talented women has encouraged my growth as a quilter. I am truly thankful for this 7 year journey I have taken. I am looking forward to the next years to come. Every month I look forward to the meetings what new quilts will I see this month. What new technique would I learn.
This month was our Christmas celebration, we have our regular meeting and a big potluck luncheon and a white elephant auction, this auction is a fundraiser and we have a good time. We donate items from home and then auction the items. We had a lot of fun items in our auction this month. 

The first part of our meeting Emily lost her purse, we looked high and low for it
Sue found it in a chair, I guess we got so excited we kept over looking it but who
could overlook such a cute purse.

These are all the great auction items that was donated.

Love her shoes.

We love Donnie. He has always been so helpful.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Quilt That Granny Made/ August Guild Meeting

I am so excited to share this story submitted by our very own president, Carole Walker, it is a very delightful story and I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.

The Quilt That Granny Made

My daughter, Vickie, was only 16 when my mother in law went to the big sewing room in the sky.  Granny was old school when sewing. She did everything by hand-every stitch was completed with loving care and a thimble.  During the winter months she would put up the quilting frames in the living room next to the wood stove and all winter long she would work on a quilt to give to someone the next spring.  Of course at the time the quilts did not seem that great and wonderful.  It was just a quilt.  Years later after Vickie had graduated from college (Go CATS!), gone on to be an aviator in the US Army, had gotten married and finally announced that I was going to be a Grandmother; I thought of how great it would be to have something to give her for the baby that was from her Granny.  Quilts last a lifetime but Granny had been gone for over 15 years.  Well, miracles never cease to amaze me!  After Vickie delivered a healthy bouncing baby boy a package arrived in the mail from Aunt Christine.  In it was a beautiful handmade quilt in vibrant pinks and blues.  The note attached stated that this quilt had been made over 45 years ago.  It had been made by Granny for Christine’s first born.  The gift had been given only as the top layer.  It had never been quilted and completed.  Somehow it had been stored in a cedar hope chest and recently been found.  So Aunt Christine took it to a shop in Nashville and had it quilted and finished.  So my prayers were answered—Vickie now had a beautiful handmade baby quilt made by her Granny for her first born!  Now to complete the story I will tell you Vickie’s sons have several quilts made by their Grandmother Walker!  That would be me of course!  I have enjoyed every stitch I have put into the quilts and one day they will pass them on to their children.  So the moral of the story is:  Gals—just keep on stitching those beautiful quilts.  You never know where they will end up!

I love stories like these. If you have a story you would like to share please let me know and I will publish it on our blog. 

As for our August 2014 meeting, we had a fun filled meeting. We missed some of our members but I know they was having a ball at a quilt retreat. 
Some of the members shared their quilts that they made since last meeting. I think this is the part of the meeting we all look forward to. 

Also at this meeting we played a game called "Musical Fabric". Kimmy brought the music, and everyone else brought a pair of scissors and 1 yard of "ugly" fabric. The game is played like musical chairs only you pass fabric around to the music and every time the music stops you cut the piece fabric you have in half and when the music starts again you keep half and pass half. Any way you end up with a pile of "ugly" fabric. We passed the fabric til we got down to 4 inches. Now we have to create a quilt with the fabric collected. It was fun.

These are some of the fabrics collected in the musical fabric game.

more game fabric

more game fabric

game fabric

game fabric

game fabric

game fabric

game fabric

game fabric

game fabric

game fabric and as you can see there is going to be some interesting quilts.

Kimmy showing off her skill of knitting.  This collar is cable stitched.

Musical fabrics game.

This is a book made by one of our members featuring all of her quilts, some she made and some made by her mother.

Kathy won the fabric door prize. I really like this fabric combination.

Our newest member, she makes doll clothes.