Friday, March 9, 2012

My Visit With Elizabeth

Today I visited a member of the guild, Elizabeth, a was surprised to find out that she is quite a collector. It all started at our last guild meeting when Elizabeth came to me and asked me if I could use some crepe fabric.  Well of course I said yes.  She told me that she would bring it to the next meeting but of course I couldn't wait so I called her and ask if I could come over today. The first thing I noticed was this cute chair she called it a carpet rocker.  I wish I had taken a picture of the chair.  Anyway she invited us (my husband and I) to look at some of her collections.
I was so pleasantly surprised to see a very extensive miniature shoe collection.  I did not take pictures of all the shoes because I want you to be able to be as surprised as I was when I saw her collection. She said that every time she received a gift from her family it was a shoe.  She said that she finally asked them not to give her another shoe.  But the way that she has them displayed is so beautiful.  I asked her if she minded if I took pictures and wrote a blog post and she said she did not mind. So I took pictures and decided to share them with the rest of the guild and our blog readers.

This says " A woman and her shoes what a beautiful thing"

Everywhere I looked in her room was some kind of shoe.

Don't she love this?  It is a picture frame with little tiny shoes.   So cute.

As I walked around the house there was the cutest bathroom with the claw foot tub and pink curtains.  So sweet.
But what I was really impressed with was her collection of utensils.  In the kitchen there were all kinds of kitchen tools. She had stories to go with them too. 

A straightening comb? I asked her if she used it.

Elizabeth says this is a spoon that her mom used to ladle out butter from a butter churn.

That little basket item, my husband thought was a popcorn popper. But Elizabeth said that  you put
soap pieces in it and put it in water and shake it to get suds.  She said it was a good way to use up soap pieces.

She said that this is a spoon mold. She said her dad found it on his property she said he looked for years trying
to find the other part to it.

Pot scrubber.

She loves blue.

An old fashioned  sewing basket.

Thimble collection

Blue plates.

Elizabeth shares her little iron that she played with as a little girl.

A beautiful set of dishes.
This was such a fun visit.  I did not take a picture of everything.  My husband said that it was just like a day at a museum.

I have been posting pictures of Elizabeth's "duck" on the side bar.  Today I found out that it was not a duck but a goose. OOps my bad.
She has him all dressed up for St Patricks Day now.  She said that next month she will have him ready for Easter. Fun. Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Meeting

Well the Paris Quilt Guild had their third meeting for this year and it was a very interesting meeting.  Everyone always says that they look forward to our monthly meeting because there are so many creative items and ideas shared.
Before I get into the meeting, I would like to talk about the group that met on the last Thursday of the month.  It is a day that we call "Play Day".  We come together at the civic center and just sew or knit or crochet.  Well this past "play day" we had a lesson on foundation piecing from Kathy Doane.  She showed us some nice techniques and helped to take the "fear"out of foundation or paper piecing.  She also  brought in a couple of miniature quilts that she had made that looked very difficult but with the technique that Kathy showed us I feel that I can paper piece a quilt.
Happy to see Theresa.  She caught on right away.

Isn't this a cutie?

Wow look a finished block.

Denise and her applique. Can't wait to see this quilt when it is done.

Now you see that we are very busy on the 4th Thursday so if you have some time come out and share with us on 4th Thursday, maybe you have a technique you would like to share.

Now what you have all been waiting for; These are pictures from the last meeting including some show and tell item, our show and tell time is the best time.

Helen won the door prize fabric, see how happy she is. We are always happy to get more fabric.

Me, modeling the jacket I just finished.

Helen shared this little knick knack that says, " blessed are the piecemakers"
We quilters love stuff like this.

Helen just got a new great-granddaughter so she has been having a  good time making little dresses for her.

Helen's sneeky snake quilt. 

Helen created this beautiful quilt.

This quilt is actually pages for a quilted book. But Elizabeth made a quilt instead.

Elizabeth's daughter saw a quilt similar to this one on TV so she took a picture of the one on tv asked Elizabeth to make her one.  Elizabeth created the pattern and here it is. 

Mildred shared these needle punched Micky and Minnie she made for her niece.
Awesome job Mildred.

This is Carole and she is one of this year's quilt top winner. So we spent time working on her quilt.

Oh I forgot to mention that we had pizza. 

A bolt of batting was divided for cuddle quilts.

I think Judith is over worked. Slow down Judith.

So that is the end to our meeting for March. We always have such a good time. See you at the next meeting.