Monday, June 18, 2012

June Meeting

Finally, getting around to posting about our June quilt guild meeting.  Of course it was a very busy and fun meeting.  Getting together to share what we have been working on and sharing snacks is always a good time.
First I would like to share a couple of fun things.  My husband and I have had to go back and forth to Clarksville, TN quite a bit this month and I have been enjoying the scenery.  I have been noticing the quilt blocks on some of the buildings and barns so I started taking pictures and seeing how many I can collect. Here are a few that I saw between Dover and Clarksville. I will be on the lookout for them from now on.
I also saw a couple in Humbolt and Gibson County.
This is my favorite

Gibson, TN

This one is in Humbolt, TN

The other item I wanted to share with you is Kimmy's rooster.  I was visiting with Kimmy the other day and I saw something on top of her fridge that looked like it had a raincoat and hat on I ask her what it was and she brought it down from the top of the fridge and it was the cutest thing.  A rooster with a raincoat and hat on.  And that is not all, he had a whole wardrobe. I took a picture of him in his raincoat and then she dressed him for the 4th of July. 

I will keep you posted as she dresses him for the rest of the year.  He has some cute outfits.

Well you know that show and tell is the best part of our meetings and I will not hold out any longer.  It is amazing seeing the talent we have in our quilt guild. Enjoy. 

And of course we had good food to eat.  Thanks Marion and  Barbara.

That is all until next meeting. 

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