Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 2013 Guild Meeting and Party

Yeah! I (Doreen) won the door prize.  And I love the beautiful 5 fat quarters that I won.

This is candid picture of Kimmy.

This pattern was part of a mystery quilt challenge that we had.
The following photos show all the different quilts. What a difference
the fabrics make.

We all had so much fun with this challenge.

I think I only had to rip mine apart 2 time. 

Delicious food on the table.

Different versions of the same pattern.

I loved all of the quilts. Can't wait to get mine quilted.

I really loved this one that Kathy D made. 

I love this one, I can't tell you who made it I don't remember. But I know it is someone's
Christmas blocks. I recognize that block with the brown star, is the block I made.

It is interesting how the simplest pattern can be so beautiful.

Marion G made this beauty with civil war era fabrics.

I love the colors and the design. Perfectly on point.

This is the back of Marion's quilt

We were all delighted when Helen B showed all the Christmas stockings she made for her family
She also said that she was going to hang them from a line in the living room. What a great idea.

Kathy D showed the most beautiful miniature quilts she created

some more of Helen's family stockings

Each stocking is unique. She hand embroidered each one.

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Yep that is Kathy D behind that miniature quilt. Beautiful isn't it?

Kimmy crocheted some hats. They are so nice. 

These are item donated by the members for our white elephant auction. We had a blast with this.
The rule is, no one gets to leave without buying one item. 

The canned items happened to be the best sellers.

Kathy G has created some beautiful quilts.

We all agreed that Kathy G should teach this technique at one of the meetings.
I will definitely like that 

Sue A made this delicious coconut pie. 

Catherine D made this beauty

We elected new officers for the next 2 years. And we are all looking forward to an interesting learning experience.
We would also like to wish you all a Happy New Year. 2014

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