Friday, December 26, 2014

The first Thursday of every month is a very special day for a group of very special women.  These women come together every month to make quilts for charity, to share quilts they have made, to share quilty techniques, trade fabrics. As the vice-president of this group I must say it has been a wonderful journey for me. Being around so many talented women has encouraged my growth as a quilter. I am truly thankful for this 7 year journey I have taken. I am looking forward to the next years to come. Every month I look forward to the meetings what new quilts will I see this month. What new technique would I learn.
This month was our Christmas celebration, we have our regular meeting and a big potluck luncheon and a white elephant auction, this auction is a fundraiser and we have a good time. We donate items from home and then auction the items. We had a lot of fun items in our auction this month. 

The first part of our meeting Emily lost her purse, we looked high and low for it
Sue found it in a chair, I guess we got so excited we kept over looking it but who
could overlook such a cute purse.

These are all the great auction items that was donated.

Love her shoes.

We love Donnie. He has always been so helpful.

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