Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sew Sew Sew Quilt Quilt Quilt

You know who you are!

Quilting is our game, this is the year of the awesome quilt, and who is the maker of that quilt? Is it you, is it me? It is we, We the Paris, TN Quilt Guild members are creating the most awesome quilts. I am so excited to be photographing them and blogging about them.  We put so much of our heart and love into these quilts and what do we do with them? We give them to charity, to our grandchildren, our kids, friends.  We get a big kick out of bringing them to quilt guild meetings to show them off. Of course we show them off, we have cut hundreds of strips, squares,and triangles and make them into beautiful quilts. Thank you for taking the time to scroll through this blog and admiring our quilts.
We are united in the lasting tradition of quilting.

Look who made it and she has been very busy. The next quilts you will see are made by this woman.

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