Saturday, July 24, 2010

Highlights From April Meeting

I know that you have been coming back to this blog and wondering "what has happened to the Paris Quilt Guild blog?" Well to tell the truth I have had so much going on that I just have not been posting every month so now I am going to try to catch up on all of our activity for the last 4 months.  I know this is very exciting for all you quilters out there so what I am going to do is just combine all the meetings. I want to thank our secretary, Emily Foust for keeping such good minutes it really helps me to remember what went on.

The last meeting we had was in April and we had a lot of members missing, We saw the donation quilt finished and it is so beautiful.  The drawing will be in September at the Arts around the Square in downtown Paris. You can see the quilt in the previous post. 
I must add that I won the quilt last year and plan to win this year. We have so many knowledgeable quilters in our guild that you will want to win one of our quilts.  We still have tickets available so let us know if you would like to purchase a ticket.  Just leave a comment to this post and a way that we can get in touch with you.  Don't be left out.

In May we had our Birthday fabric exchange and a delicious pot luck lunch.  In case you don't know, in May we celebrate everyone's birthday, we draw names them whoever name you draw, you buy that person $15 worth of fabric.  That can be one piece of fabric or fat quarters.  We get very excited about this part because we quilters know how to make $15 look like $100 dollars.  We all had so much fun unwrapping our fabric and sharing with everyone.  I forgot to mention that we also wrote down what color fabric we wanted.  That makes it easy for the person that draws our name.
Here are some of the photos of the fabric we received:
 As you can see blue and purple were the most popular colors.  I love the pieces that I received which was the brown and tan batiks which is the second set.

Then our meeting moved on and we had a wonderful potluck lunch.  And of course I have photos of that.  As well as great quilters we are all wonderful cooks.  And we love to share our recipes. Our birthday cake was so beautiful and it was actually a star block design done by one of our members Gayle Saville. 


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