Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Show and Tell

Keeping up a blog is a lot of work.  I think the hardest part is having things to say that is interesting.  You want people to actually read it.

This blog post is going to be a combination of all the show and tell sessions that our guild has had since April.  I think that will get me caught up then I will try to remember some other tidbits as I go along. Show and tell is one of my favorite parts of our meeting because it gives us a chance to share what we have worked on during the month or to share some of the items we made a while ago.  Show and tell is also the inspirational part because we get inspired to work on something when we get home. So here are some very inspirational show and tells to help inspire you.
The fourth Thursday of August was our first "fun sewing" day.  We decided that we would meet on this Thursday to work on some projects, to share some projects and also to help each other with projects, we will not have any agenda for this get-together just come and plan on having fun sharing your latest project. These are pictures from our first one. It was a fun and productive day. Mildred was able to make her friend PJ, a sock monkey she has been wanting to finish for a long time. Helen Blake named me the mad flasher because I, of course, started taking pictures.
 Some folks don't like their pictures taken to so you have to guess who is in this next picture. As you can see she is hard at work on her Featherweight Machine.

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