Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Meeting Of 2012

To start this post, I want to share a picture of the beautiful day that we had for our first meeting of the year.  Everyone was in good spirits and our meeting went on without a hitch.  The new president, Kathy Doane and vice-president, Carole Walker presided over the meeting and our new secretary, Kimmy Albins recorded our new and old business.  Jean Liddle the new treasurer let us know how much money we are starting our year out with.  I am really excited about this year.  

Wouldn't you love to make a quilt using this picture as your model?

The guild members still enjoy sharing our work and ideas.  We are all so excited about the coming year.  Some of the members got together to start another round robin.  Only this one is called a row robin.  We are going to start with a 42" strip and each of the 9 members of the group will add a 42" strip.  Each month we will take another "secret bag" with one of the member's quilt in it and add another strip.  When all the quilts are completed, we will have the reveal and everyone will see their finished quilt.  Remember, no peeking.

Kimmy won the door prize fabrics.  See how happy we are when we win
more fabric.

These are the fabrics that Kimmy won in the drawing.
I can't wait til I win again. 

Some of our members

One part of our meeting that we all love to participate in is Show-n-tell.  Each member brings a new project that they had just finished or is working on that they are stuck wondering what to do next. That is just the case with this beautiful quilt that Carole brought.  She was thinking of taking this whole quilt apart.  But she got a lot of suggestions from the other members and she decided to make it work.  That's what I love about this group of women that are in this guild, we are always ready to give encouraging advice and help with UFOs (unfinished objects).
Carole's quilt, she embroidered beautiful roses on each block.

Pat shared two beautiful aprons that she made for herself. She said that she is always making clothes and quilts for everyone else she decided it was time to make something for herself.

This is my favorite.  Makes me want to start cooking with an apron on.

A quilt block made by Kathy.

This is a mini quilt made by Kathy.  

The beautiful thing about these mini-quilts is that Kathy had
surgery on her shoulder in December.  And she had to create
these quilts with one hand. Go Kathy.

Another quilt top made by Kathy.  We have so much talent in our guild.
And she did this with her arm in a sling.

Jean shared some pillow cases she made for a local charity auction.
We are all such busy bees.

This hexagon quilt is all hand stitched by Mary.  She says this
is as big as it is going to get.

We fell in love with Emily's butterfly quilt.  It was hand quilted by
the group that meets on Wednesday. And she machine embroidered each
butterfly.  As you can see each one is different.

Emily proudly smiles as we oood and aaaaahhhed her quilt.

Love it!

This is an art quilt created by Helen.  Below are each of the sections.

Helen became our newest auctioneer at the December meeting
where she auctioned off white elephants that were brought in by the members.
She is the creator of the art quilt.

Below are two more quilts created by Helen.  I am always amazed at the quilts she creates.

This is a quilt that is the result of a round robin that Helen was apart of.
Well that is what happened at our January meeting.  We had lunch and as always the snacks were "off the hook".  I did not take a picture of the food because you will be really sad that you did not come. 
We are a very active group and we love what we do.  
In December a group of members took 100 cuddle quilts to LeBounher Children's Hospital in Memphis.  We also sent quilts to a women's prison for babies born in prison.  We also donate our scraps to make pillows for an animal shelter. 
We are so excited about this next year and all the projects that we will be doing.  So I hope you continue to come to our blog and post some comments.  

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