Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Well finally!  I know that you all have been waiting to see the new post about our Paris, TN Quilt Guild.  Yes we are a group of busy quilters.  In one month we have created so many quilts including our cuddle quilts that we donate to the children's hospital and other charities.  We love to quilt.
I have so many pictures to post so I will get to it because I know you want to see what we have been doing.

These first eleven quilts are quilts that Flora made.  Flora is a person that can take any kind of fabric scrap or remnant and make a quilt out of it.  When she presents a quilt she has a wonderful story to go with each quilt.

Every year we create 2 Christmas blocks and the blocks given away in a block lotto that we have at Christmas time.  Usually we have 4 quilters that win 12 blocks each.   We usually show off the blocks we make during show and tell.

This is one of the hand embroidered blocks that Denise made.
I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Part of Denise's quilt.

As always we have the best treats.  Yummy.

Kathy thought her spiderman was upside down. What do you think?
So that is how the Paris,TN quilters started our month of April. Next month's meeting will be a real treat because it will be our birthday meeting and potluck lunch. Name were drawn at the December meeting and we will surprise each other with a gift of $15 dollars in fabric for a gift. We love getting more fabric.

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