Sunday, September 16, 2012

Well I finally have gotten around to posting on the blog for the month of August.
I am going to start with the question that I asked last month, "what are you working on?" I am happy that I got so many answers.  We are all so busy and it was nice to see what everyone was busy making. So here it is and enjoy.

1.  Working fast and furious wire wrapping gem stones for the Art show out at the lake early Sept.  I feel I need to have at least 150 pieces have 65.
2.  Finished the two blocks for the Xmas quilts...remember I'm the one that lost the fabric from last year and had to beg for scraps so I could complete the two blocks...well I didn't lose them this year.

3.  Made two covers to fit over a shopping card to plop my little grandbaby for her mom and one for the and daughter LaDonna

4.  Making a couple of dresses from the left overs from above...will try and bring to show & tell.

5.  Always have hand applique in progress ... flowers and stems & leaves etc.

6.  Housework and cooking when I have

7. I am working on a quick trip around the world by Eleanor Burns, Artic Ice blue throw, and rest of bargello placemats.  Gayle

8. Doreen, That's a great idea! Some of the things I am working on are monogramming grandchildren names on towels & men's handkerchiefs. Also things for the craft show. (tote bags, jewelry, table runner & napkin sets for seasons.) Just fun things!. Carole

9. Ok, Doreen, will do.  Not till tomorrow though as I had a root canal and not feeling too good.  Love to you.   Mary lacey

10. Hi Doreen -  I just bought some wool batting.  I cut some off to make “test” sandwiches to see how it quilts.  The wool is puffier than the thin cotton and poly batting that I’m used too but flattens when heavily quilted and adds “pouf” to my feathers.  Also, it’s lighter than I had imagined.  I think that I will enjoy using it, however, I won’t use it for everything.  I’d be curious to know if anyone else has tried it.  I’ve also made a couple of Quick Trip tops that I now need to get quilted.  Judith

11. Doreen,
I have several projects  "in the works". I have just finished a beautiful blue tote and a pair of
house slippers for my husband.  A quilt top is completed and is waiting to be quilted.....Then
I have fabric for more scarves.....Pat. M.

12. The main things that I am concentrating on right now are:  the quilt for my new grandbaby, a Baltimore album quilt and a Baltimore Christmas appliqué quilt.  Denise

13. I am working on a quick trip around the world by Eleanor Burns, Artic Ice blue throw, and rest of bargello placemats.  Gayle

14. Finishing up projects from quilt retreat, then making cuddle quilts....Barbara S.

15. I've been trying to finish items for the Craft show at Paris Landing State Park Sept. 8 & 9.  Both jewelry and quilted items need to be ready for this annual craft show.  In the mean time, the garden produce needs preserving and of course the housework never ends.  Kathy

16. Hi Doreen,  This month I am working on my  (late) Christmas blocks and cuddle quilts.  I have finished an heirloom quilt for my daughter.  It was a quilt top Lori and her husband found in his Granmaw's things after she died.  We think it may have been pieced in the early 1900's.  Now I am wondering if I should wash it or not.  It has markings on it I put there to be able to quilt a straight line.  All the lines did not come out when  I used a wet cloth to get them out.  Decisions, decisions, decisions, I am not very good with them.  Emily

17. Nothing very exciting.  Just trying to finish up some things and go see the babies.  This is a good idea since we have so many talented people in our group....Kay

 18.  I have started working on 4 queen size quilts for my grandkids the future...just to have them ready while my eyes are still good and I'm still able to quilt for fun.  I'm trying to use up some of the fabric in my stash where possible so that is somewhat of a challenge to me.  I have the first quilt top ready for borders so I guess you can say I'm on a roll!  Hope this helps..........Linda

Thanks everyone for responding.

Our meeting was a blast, we got a lot done. And had lots of show and tells.

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