Saturday, November 10, 2012

October Meeting

I am writing a post for the October meeting a little late but it was still and interesting meeting, for one thing all of the Row Robins were revealed and what a surprise some of us received when we saw our new quilt tops.
We called them Row Robins because we decided to do rows instead of rounds.  It was 9 months of work. Each month we had to create a different design on each top. One thing I can say for my self was I enjoyed doing the rows because I learned something new each month. When I received my top I was so thrilled, I could not believe the time that each one of my Quilting Sisters put into the row they did for me. I could feel the love and patience that they put into making them special for me.  So I will show mine first and you will enjoy looking at all of the tops that were created.

Now I will post the pictures of our show and tells.
These are tiny yo yos that Mildred made and made a pillow. 

This is such a beautiful pillow, see how small she made the yo yos.

This design has been named "Judith made me do it" Several of the quilters have made it using different colors of fabric. It looks different each time. Although they say that it is very easy to make it does not look like it. 

Helen was the winner of the door prize. The fat quarters she won were so pretty.
Every time one of us wins the door prize we act like we don't have any fabric at home.   It's always a thrill.

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