Saturday, November 10, 2012

What Do You Do While Sewing Or Quilting?

What do you do while sewing or quilting ? This is a question I asked the guild a couple of months ago and here are some of the answers I received. Me? I listen to music, talk to God, and watch tv and think about my next project. If you would like to share what you do please feel free to write your answer in the comments.

1.This is so cute!  I listen to great Southern Gospel music!  I always appreciate hearing from you and your keeping me updated....Mary Ann

2. I generally have either the radio or TV on.... and do a lot of thinking, planning and I wish I could say problem solving...  Just doesn't seem to work that way.   Mostly I am putting off other things that should be done; cooking,  cleaning, mowing, and other chores....Pat P.

3. Hi!  I love this question!  I listen to the radio or tv.  I always have tea, water, and maybe a brownie every now and then.
Yes, planning my next project keeps me moving right along...Pat M....

4. I tend to listen to T.V., while I sew, and will look up if there is something of interest on the screen.  I often will have coffee or tea to sip while I sew.  gs

5.  As far as what I do when I sew, I just listen to music as I have no tv in my sitting room which is also my sewing room.

6. I listen to music.(elevator)!!  Barb S

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